It’s been a while!

April 23, 2009

More like forever. I guess that’s just because things have been going better….and that’s a good thing! Autumn has been surprising me every day! In most ways, her sensitivities seem to be improving at the moment. She found 2 new pairs of shoes that aren’t Crocs! One is this cute, little pair of flats that are gold. It’s so nice to see her be able to express her bright and bold personality. We also discovered shawls. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it before, but they totally work for her because they don’t constrict her arms. We’ve gotten her 2 so far!

We’ve also started decorating her clothes with fabric paint and iron-ons. She’s much more willing to try to wear something and deal with the itchiness if it’s something she has created herself. I also love seeing her creativity. I know she *loves* fashion, and it’s been sad for me to see her passions suppressed by sensory issues.

What else? She’s in feeding therapy now. We found a speech path in town who is absolutely awesome! The process is long, slow, and tedious. But we’re already seeing some improvements. She will eat food that she doesn’t hate without much fuss. Her choices are expanding. I hope one day she’s able to enjoy all food.

We also learned that Autumn has difficulties expressing abstract language. I knew it. She’s always had problems expressing her emotions. A counselor we were seeing thought that Autumn had a block for some psychological reason. I told the counselor I thought she was wrong and there was something else going on. The speech path did some testing and it turns out that on most levels of language, Autumn functions from age 10-12. However, in the area of abstract language, she functions at her age (8). This discrepancy causes her huge amounts of frustration. And she continually fools people because all of her other language skills are so advanced. This is so good to know because it helps me parent her so much better. Because of her cognitive abilities, Autumn’s prognosis is really good.

I’m also taking a new approach to homeschooling and I can’t wait to see where it goes. We’re going to be more eclectic. We will still use a curriculum for math and language. But we’re going to be more passion-oriented with science and social studies. I know she’ll be able to learn more if she enjoys what she’s learning. We’re going to spend a LOT of time this summer at the zoo, museums, the beach, and in the wilderness.

Anyway, that’s my update! Hope everyone else is doing well!


My Child Won’t Eat

December 29, 2008

I can’t believe I found this. If you’ve ever wondered, or cared, or judged, what it’s like to have a child who has oral aversions, watch this. It’s a series of 5.

The search for help is never ending

December 28, 2008

Right now the #1 concern I have for Autumn is her eating. You would not believe the number of hours I have spent online searching and searching for anything that could help my daughter eat. I have talked to SLPs, OTs, pediatricians, chiropractors, counselors, nutritionists…you name it. Everyone has their ideas of what is going on. Nothing has helped. No one has even given me a label besides oral aversion or texture aversion. Finally tonight I found the right combination of words that landed me in a new world. I typed in “texture aversion clinic” and I found THIS. I feel like I’ve landed on a goldmine. Feeding disorder. Pediatric feeding disorder clinic. There is one in Detroit. Wow. Thank God for the internet.


December 2, 2008

It snowed here today…about 5 inches.  It’s beautiful outside.  Not too cold.  Autumn and Kai always want to build a snowman.  So I thought today would be the perfect day.  I got Kai dressed and by the time that I got Autumn dressed, Kai decided to take all of his snow gear off.  By this time Autumn was having a meltdown because her snowpants were bothering her.  I tried so hard to get both of them outside to have fun.  I went ahead and went outside thinking that if they saw me having fun in the snow, they would follow.  Instead Autumn started screaming how mean I was.  Upon hearing her scream “Meanie meanie bobeanie soseanie!”, Kai soon followed suit.  Often times it is so hard to get them ready and out of the house that I just give up and stay in.  This is really difficult for me because I’m not a homebody.  I love to be out and about.  I’m learning to adjust and cope, but there are times I wish life was just normal.  Then again, what is normal?

Coming out of the fog

November 14, 2008

I know you who have children with SPD can relate to it totally consuming your life.  My daughter seems to go through cycles.  She has a really difficult time for a while, and then does really well for a while.  Right now she’s doing really well.  Sometimes when she is doing really well, I don’t even recognize it because I’m still in the “fog”.  Today I just realized that I really need to pay attention to these down times.  I need to cherish being out of the fog.  Of course there are still little things we deal with every day no matter what…like finding food for her to eat or calming her down after she gets dressed.  But for the most part, life is easier.  I need to remember to be present in those times.  I need to remind myself that right now, in this very moment, I can breath, I can relax.

What SPD looks like

November 13, 2008

Since we’ve been having such a difficult time lately, I decided it was time to put a face to this invisible monster that sometimes tries to take over my daughter’s life.  So we got paper, markers, glue, twine, play-doh, soap, everything else we could think of, and let Autumn go at it.  This was the result: 


 Autumn had a GREAT time making this.  Kai even got in on the action!
Just WAIT until you see what we have in mind for this CREEP!

I think this says it all…

November 13, 2008




My loose tooth fell out!!!

November 12, 2008

Today I was wiggling my tooth a little ity bitty teensy weensy bit and it fell out!  I was so excited!  The dentist said it wouldn’t come out until Christmas time!  But my mom said it would fall out in about a week.  She was right!  It’s been a week since my tooth started getting a little loose.  I was so surprised!  I just can’t believe it!  Two years ago I had to have a tooth pulled by the dentist.  So it’s been 2 whole years since I ever got a tooth out!  I wonder how much money the Tooth Fairy will bring!

(What was my mom so worried about?!!)


November 12, 2008

1.  Autumn has her first loose tooth.  She’s excited.  I’m scared.  How’s this going to play out with her sensory issues?  This should be interesting.  I’ll let you all know!  As for now, I get to hear “My tooth is SOOOOOOO loose, Meechi!” and “Look!  My spit can wiggle my tooth!”

2.  Autumn calls me “Meechi”.  It’s a name she made up one day a couple of years ago.  She has called me it ever since.  She calls me “Meechi” and I call her “Chica”. 

3.  We found the CUTEST pair of boots today that actually work!  I can’t tell you how that makes me feel!  They look like pink legwarmers with soft fur inside!  She wore them outside all day today.  Of course she brought her Crocs to wear inside.

4.  To say that Autumn loves her acting class would be a complete understatement!  I know I am biased, but I do have some acting experience, and this girl has some serious chops!  I think having her senses so heightened really help her in this realm.  On another note, there is a yoga class for adults that meets in the same building at the same time.  I’m thinking it’s a sign!  Now if I can only find some mulah!

5.  Now that it’s cold outside, I’m thinking of getting Autumn an indoor swing like this one.  I know it would help with vestibular input as well as be fun.  I think Kai would love it too 😉

6.  Who knew my degree in speech-language with an emphasis on early childhood development would be useful in such a personal way?  Funny how things work out, huh?

Is it just the weather?

November 10, 2008

A girl can hope, right?  I have to be honest, since I last posted, things have gone downhill.  Autumn is having a very difficult time.  I’m not sure exactly why.  There are probably many reasons.  But she is definitely not herself and it’s driving us all insane!  She’s grouchy, disobediant, and defiant.  We have tried everything.  We’ve done behavior charts, positive and negative rewards, cuddling, coddling, sending her to her room, and just plain yelling.  (Not cool, I know.)

Part of the problem comes from her being unable to regulate herself.  She doesn’t get hunger pangs.  She gets full on, “I’m starving!  Feed me NOW!” pangs.  I try to keep her fed, but as she’s growing, it feels next to impossible with what she can tolerate eating.  She mainly tolerates carbs.  A meal for her consists of PB&J, whole white milk, and a banana.  Not too bad.  But it doesn’t keep her full for long.  (And although you will want to, and I know you will.  Please refrain from offering suggestions unless you feel it’s truly revolutionary.  Believe me, I’ve tried EVERY trick under the sun.)

The other problem really IS the weather.  It is getting very fridgid here in Michigan.  We’ve had to get her to wear long pants and long sleeves.  This has taken more time than you can imagine.  About 3 weeks to be exact.  But she’s wearing them.  We now have to tackle shoes and socks.  The only shoes she can tolerate are Crocs.  Most likely we will resort to wearing Ugg-like boots with no socks to and from the car and then taking her Crocs with us wherever we go.  Oh the lovely stares I get when it’s 2 degrees outside and my daughter is wearing shoes with built-in ventilation ;).

The good thing is that I know in my heart progress is being made.  I just takes time.  I think I need to plan a Hawaiian spa vacation to keep me going though!  I feel so burned out right now.